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Differentiating ourseves by providing a unique alternative to existing services and strategies for administering workers compensation claims, Risk / Safety Management and Human Recourses.

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An aggressive team of specialists in workers compensation law, investigations and medicine working exclusively and directly for employers with a single objective, to push back the costs of workers compensation.

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It is a fight, a fight to become and remain profitable, you hire employees and then a new fight begins, from the point of hire, the compliance issues, the interactive issues many of which that lead to lawsuits, i.e. discrimination, harassment and then there is the repetitive and costly issue of workers compensation claims. When a company has had enough of laws and a workers compensation system where every participant in that system, your broker, the carrier, clinics, claims adjusters spend what is your money on exaggerated and/or fraudulent claims. When an employee who has worked for you for less than a week can file a claim which leads to a $50,000 expense based on what amounts to unverifiable information and everyone tells you that’s just how it is, you are in a fight many times a fight for your very existence.

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Who We Are

An aggressive team of specialist in workers compensation law, investigations and medicine working exclusively and directly for employers with a single objective, to push back the costs of workers compensation, providing employers with a fighting chance for survival...

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Support Team

These are the players working both inside and outside the core Employer Support Group Team System. Employer Based and Employer Focused in every way. With an understanding that it is an everyday fight to remain profitable these entities...
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Tactical Investigation and Security

It takes solid experience in building criminal cases whether it is building a case to present to the District Attorney for Workers Compensation Fraud, Employee Theft or other criminal matter that impacts the employers bottom line...

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Workers Compensation Representation

Claims Analysis

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Subrogation Case Review and Intervention

Expense and Rates Review

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Loss Prevention Consultation

CAL - OSHA Compliance Representation

Medical Case Evaluation

Physical Therapy Case Evaluation

The absurdity of Workers Compensation never ends…..


It clearly is no longer enough that State and State is batting the problem of the created drug addition, i.e.  Opioid prescription abuse, we now have to provide some pot on the side. In what may be a first in workers’ comp in Minnesota — and one of a only small number of cases outside of…

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Did Berkshire Hathaway and Zenith hack into the computers of plaintiff’s attorneys?


  A Southern California law firm doubled down on claims that Berkshire Hathaway  and Zenith Insurance Co. allowed investigators to “hack” into the server of a client intake service used by an applicants’ attorney firm. The Law Office of Mark Ravis & Associates last week filed a class-action complaint with the U.S. District Court for…

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